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[ 但唯有一事 ] [ 那唯一之事 ]
[ 我並非 ] [ 一無所求 ]

referencemessages. 200+ where does this even come from

ic. ↪ sing me to sleep, mister voice !
mood. ↪ sleepy
status. ↪ healthy
mental status. ↪ okay
currently. ↪ drawing on some paper.
he's drawing him and ikansha.


the darling is back hi kaza baby i missed you ↩ ooc.
don't even get me started on speed ↩ reply speed.
i don't even have numbers high enough ↩ muse.
i'm never gonna update this. active enough ?? ↩ availability.

Please do NOT thank for watches or faves.
Have a nice day, everybody !!


s i d e n o t e
Please tell me whether you'd like to roleplay with either Kaza or Ikansha! I roleplay Kaza on default, so please request before leaving a starter. I'll immediately assume you would like to roleplay with Kaza when you decide not to leave a request.

(c) All images displayed on the profile are for aesthetic use only; I do not own any of the images. They belong to their respective owners. If you are the owner of any of the images displayed and would like me to take it down, I will do so.

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☀ ☂ ☀
I am one but two, human but not. What am I ?
Ikansha Mquersa ☆ Kaza Relouka


Oh, woe is me ! To be felled by the ultimate corruption !
For thou innocence, so forlorn and forsaken
Hath been spirited away so like your humanity
Oh, woe is me ! Where for art thou, precious soul ?

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baker-and-assassin Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014
((lavvviiii !! <3 Kaza, please! uwu))

The blonde had long forgotten her friend, and his...companion. It was quite dark, and she was strolling along the quiet streets, her eyes narrowed. She didn't expect that anyone was upset over the early closing of her bakery, nor the fact that she wouldn't take lives tonight. Aiko was simply on a break, to relieve stress of two children. A car was coming, she didn't care. She ran, before the car could hit her. The driver honked, and she turned back and flipped him or her off. She scoffed, and flipped a lock of hair behind her back.

About five minutes after to the car incident, Aiko ran into somebody, her body unmoving from the bump. "Hmmm?" Aiko looked down, noticing a smaller figure. She instantly recognized those kind eyes, and she backed up a few steps. "K-Kaza?"
U-nderground Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
[[your starter-- becauseiwasbraindeadlastnighthhh-- ]]

It was rare for the female Midian to venture outside during the day, and usually did whenever she had to. This was one of those such times, as the Elders had wanted to meet with her about nthe recent activity with the yonger Midians, and how reckless they were getting. Mina didn't want to go anywhere near the old crows unless she had to, but because of what she did for the vampire community, she had to attend the meeting.

Letting out a weary sigh, she reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a box of cigarettes, tapping one out and placing it between her lips, and almost running into someone when she looked down to put the package back into her pocket and look for her lighter. She didn't actually run into them, but she was close to
U-nderground Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
[[thank you for watching~! care to rp?
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shittsui-no-muzai Featured By Owner May 27, 2014
    ooc; !!! [ r e b o o t ] [ 14.5.27. ] !!!
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