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[ status. ] ↪ ( quite alive ) ( healthy ) ( sleepy ) ( loopy )
[ inventory. ] ↪ ( bag of skittles ) ( two dollars ) ( lots of love ♥ )
[ currently. ] ↪ ( thinking about the weather )
[ thoughts. ] ↪ ( do i get out the umbrella or is that dangerous )
[ health. ] ↪ ( physically healthy ) ( mentally healthy ) ( emotionally healthy )


the darling is back for the 384932758723 time sorry
totally thinking about making an account for amane yuuya where my nukos at ↩ [ ooc. ]
don't even get me started on speed hahaha ↩ [ reply speed.]
pretty good maybe ↩ [ muse. ]
i'm never gonna update this. active enough maybe ??? yeah um ?? ↩ [ availability. ]


Please do NOT thank for watches or faves.
♥ Have a nice day, everybody !! ♥


s i d e n o t e
Please tell me whether you'd like to roleplay with either Kaza or Ikansha! I roleplay Kaza on default, so please request before leaving a starter. I'll immediately assume you would like to roleplay with Kaza when you decide not to leave a request.

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I am one but two, human but not. What am I ?
Ikansha Mquersa ☆ Kaza Relouka


Oh, woe is me ! To be felled by the ultimate corruption !
For thou innocence, so forlorn and forsaken
Hath been spirited away so like your humanity
Oh, woe is me ! Where for art thou, precious soul ?

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storrorist Featured By Owner 6 days ago
"------My baby!"

/hugs tight
/mama hasn't seen son in such a long time now,aaaaaa
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minecrafte-and-candy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  New member
{ kaza plz bby -- }

Aya was just finishing up her job at the cafe, her eyes lowered as she locked up the small building. She yawned loudly, and gripped her Hello Kitty bag. She knew she wasn't gonna make it home. Hoshi was in the hospital from a car crash, so she had to walk home. She began to trudge down the crowded sidewalk, her eyes lowered to the ground. Maybe she should go to a Starbucks of some kind? To get some coffee, or a latte. Yeah, that sounded good. A Caramel Ribbon Crunch, her favorite. She might even go see Hoshi, bring her some too! She started walking faster, the click-clack of her mary janes echoing off the pavement. 
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petite-hikkikomori Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014  New member
{ whoa man this is cool
thanks for the watch! }
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They-SCREAM-At-ME Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
{ c; ikansha i choose u }

"Well, you seem interesting,"

/Anya stood behind him, a rather cold smile on her face

/Damn, she's taller than him--

"My name is Anya, and you are?"

/Ruffles feathers
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Illegal-Driller Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  New member
OutOfAir // moonwalks in
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