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Unlike most contractors of Wires, Yehuda's body serves as both a host for Yehuda and XAEL and also as a model to base XAEL's physical manifestation off of: in essence, XAEL's intellect makes it possible for him to both make his own body or take over Yehuda's will by force, Referencebut the latter occurs very rarely. Yehuda's Bank is also unique in the aspect that it is damaged in such a way that his neural brain waves are continuously exuded, giving him a plethora of abilities some contractors lack. Yehuda's fluctuating emotions can, however, interfere with this. He is also weaker compared to other contractors due to his inexperience in battle and a frail body. He also harbors a fear towards battle and tends to avoid conflict when possible.

currently a wip !

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y crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy.

Yehuda Ryu is a youth of seventeen years and the host to the supercomputer XAEL. Born from genius parents, little Yehuda was stolen to be used in an experiment; a horrific mistake during the proceedings destroyed his original genetic makeup and interrupted his neural processes in an irreversible way. Now a happy boy of unnatural innocence, he seeks happiness for him and his partner.

→ Xael says I have to live for him, and me, too.

And sometimes, I don't wanna...

But he'll always be there for me, so it's okay. ▽
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