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the darling is back for the 384932758723 time sorry
gosh i am in oral misery and i'm going to go to bed good bye ↩ [ ooc. ]
don't even get me started on speed hahaha yeah ↩ [ reply speed.]
pretty good maybe i think i hope ????? ↩ [ muse. ]
i'm never gonna update this. active enough maybe ??? yeah um ?? ↩ [ availability. ]


Please do NOT thank for watches or faves.
♥ Have a nice day, everybody !! ♥


s i d e n o t e
Please tell me whether you'd like to roleplay with either Kaza or Ikansha! I roleplay Kaza on default, so please request before leaving a starter. I'll immediately assume you would like to roleplay with Kaza when you decide not to leave a request.

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I honestly can't stand it when fluent English speakers mess up the simplest, most basic of words.

I wish people would actually pay attention during language class, since all the vocabulary in English is excruciatingly simple once you get the hang of it.

Lose=Loose ? Breath=Breathe ? Your=You're ? There is an incredible difference between the simplest of English words and it's seriously painful seeing people mess that up. If you can barely get "they're", "there", and "their" correct, how are you ever going to get pulchritudinous, austere, or effervescent right ?

I truly, wholeheartedly believe that people who hold English as their second language can speak, read, and write at an astronomically improved rate than first-language English speakers can. The vast majority of my friends who speak English as a second language speak and write English even better than people who speak English as their first language. This simply makes no sense to me. I shouldn't be able to outclass someone who spoke proper English since they were born. I'm a dumb Asian who ching-chong-tong's everywhere, aren't I ? How funny, considering you can't even speak English at my level, which is clearly way above your head. Believe me, if you can't master English as a language, you won't master anything. Multilingualism won't be in your reach until you master one of the easily most difficult languages.  

Role-players especially, people who write for fun, should be able to write in a way that shows they can control English and its rules. I'm a little peeved.


But yeah, if you read that, don't listen to me; I'm loopy and in pain so I really can't be doing anything like this right now |D I should be sleeping. But I can't sleep. So here I am.

-- Lavi
Hello ! This is Lavi, in case you think the admin changed. I could never give away my baby > n < 

I am well-aware that I've been away for a very, very long time, and I have to ask you to forgive my inactivity.
I'll do my best to remain a little more active this time around. Wish me luck !!

Have a wonderful day, everyone. I'll edit this entry once I finish up elsewhere.

-- lavi


I am one but two, human but not. What am I ?
Ikansha Mquersa ☆ Kaza Relouka


Oh, woe is me ! To be felled by the ultimate corruption !
For thou innocence, so forlorn and forsaken
Hath been spirited away so like your humanity
Oh, woe is me ! Where for art thou, precious soul ?

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AskAikoUzumaki Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2014  Student General Artist
A small cry of anger resounded from the alley way, and a 'bang!'. The blonde woman had pinned a male, about thirty years of age, onto the brick wall, her eyes narrowed. Her hair was pinned up, and she held the man by one hand, a knife in the other. A bag was behind her, filled with different things such as guns, knives, weapons, and money. "Were you trying to kill me?!" She seethed, her teeth gritted as she touched his skin with the tip of the knife. 

"O-Of course not!" The man cried, his face as white as a sheet. "I think you're telling the truth," She pulled the knife away, and placed it in her holster. "Just remember, that if you tell anyone about this, I'll hunt you down and kill you, slowly and painfully." 

Aiko let the man go, and she tossed the bag back to him. "Y-You look like you'd need it more,"  He stuttered out, pushing it away. The blue-eyed girl raised an eyebrow, and scoffed. "Fine, but take the money out." She hissed, as the man pulled out the money. "Now go, before I change my mind about you living,"

At those words, the man ran, and Aiko was left in the alley, her eyes narrowed. 
She began to walk away, bag in hand, and she huffed. Her arm was scraped when he bumped into her, and she tugged off the pin in her hair. Today was going to be a rough night.

{ sorry for the crappy starter lD

ahh kaza plz - }
storrorist Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
"------My baby!"

/hugs tight
/mama hasn't seen son in such a long time now,aaaaaa
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minecrafte-and-candy Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014  New member
{ kaza plz bby -- }

Aya was just finishing up her job at the cafe, her eyes lowered as she locked up the small building. She yawned loudly, and gripped her Hello Kitty bag. She knew she wasn't gonna make it home. Hoshi was in the hospital from a car crash, so she had to walk home. She began to trudge down the crowded sidewalk, her eyes lowered to the ground. Maybe she should go to a Starbucks of some kind? To get some coffee, or a latte. Yeah, that sounded good. A Caramel Ribbon Crunch, her favorite. She might even go see Hoshi, bring her some too! She started walking faster, the click-clack of her mary janes echoing off the pavement. 
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petite-hikkikomori Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
{ whoa man this is cool
thanks for the watch! }
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They-SCREAM-At-ME Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014
{ c; ikansha i choose u }

"Well, you seem interesting,"

/Anya stood behind him, a rather cold smile on her face

/Damn, she's taller than him--

"My name is Anya, and you are?"

/Ruffles feathers
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